Revenue Distribution

vOT staking

vOT can be staked to earn revenue distribution. BP is applied for staking vOT to earn reward in OSD.

BP = Boost Point

The purpose of boost point is to reward long term OT holders without causing token inflation( when using OT token itself to bribe stakers to lock up v token). When $OT is staked, the user receives boost points every second at a fixed rate of 100% APR, each MP earns the same amount of OSD rewards as a normal OT token that is staked. If you withdraw your staked OT, the boost point earned with the staking will be set to 0. 1000 OT staked for one year would earn 1000 boost points, if you withdraw part or all of the 1000 v, your BP will become 0. MP boosts your OT staking APR. Yield for staking OT is paid in OSD.
Boost percentage = Boost Points / Staked OT, it indicates extra % of reward you are earning from boost points.