Fee Policy

OT reserves the right to change fee policy at any time

Fee Rates

A & B are non-stable tokens, S refers to non-OSD stable coin, below are swap scenarios between all types of tokens and their respective fee rates:
User(third party project) listed token -> OSD: 1%(can be changed upon project request)
OSD -> User listed token: 0.3%
A(ETH/WBTC) -> OSD(OSD -> A): 0.3%
A -> OSD -> B: 0.15% + 0.15%
S -> OSD(OSD -> S): 0.06%
S -> OSD -> S: 0.03% + 0.03%
A -> OSD -> S: 0.3% + 0.03%
S -> OSD -> A: 0.03% + 0.3%
For user/project listed token X, a higher fee rate is applied to incentivize liquidity provision.
X -> OSD: 1%
OSD -> X: 0.3%
  • Select Pools: 75% of fee is sent back to liquidity pool, 25% collected as protocol revenue.
  • Ordinary Pools: 60% goes to liquidity providers, 40% as protocol revenue pool.
  • Stable coin swap(Stable coin to OSD trade & vice versa), 99% of swap fees are sent back to liquidity pools.
Bigger OI side pays smaller OI side, the rest goes to insurance pool.

Borrow interest fully goes to liquidity providers except OSD, OSD borrow interest is paid to protocol.

CDP Liquidation penalty 100% goes to liquidators.

Perps position liquidation fee 100% goes to insurance pool

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