What is OT

Swap, borrow, earn and trade perps with 0 slippage within ONE unified user interface.

What is OT?

OT is a new DeFi protocol allows single token liquidity pools (instead of pool pairs). This is made possible by grouping deposited tokens into a virtual pair with the native OSD stablecoin. Single token liquidity pools are more capital-efficient, resulting in a more optimized experience for all participants including traders, liquidity providers and third party projects.

Problems OT is trying to solve

  1. High capital cost for project launch, unlike with AMMs that require two side liquidity provision, projects can launch token with zero extra capital on OT, liquidity providers only have to deposit one token to the liquidity pool using OT.

  2. High slippage on traditional AMMs, same size of trading causes much smaller slippage for traders on OT by combing lending/borrow pools with swap pools

  3. Inefficient capital. Traditional AMMs are highly inefficient when it comes to capital usage. With OT, LPs will receive fees for both swaps and borrowing, borrowers can borrow directly from swap pools.

  4. Convoluted smart contract routing results high trading cost for indirect pairs in traditional AMMs, in which case when users want to swap A to D, actual trading route might be A-b-c-d, which results way higher gas and trading fees, plus higher slippage. In OT, all assets are virtually paired with OSD, all non-OSD assets can be traded through OSD, i.e. A-OSD- B, which is charged 0.3%(max 0.06% for stable coin swap) only once with much lower slippage.

  5. The overall fragmentation status in DeFi, users have to hop between different applications to swap, borrow and trade, OT allow users enjoy an integrated DeFi user experience.

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